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DOG FOOD PRICE LIST (Prices subject to change)

COPRICE FAMILY DOG 2OKG                                                                  $54.50

COPRICE WORKING DOG 20KG                                                              $57.50

NESTLE PURINA BONNIE WORKING DOG 20KG                                $59.50

NESTLE PURINA BONNIE COMPLETE 20KG                                         $59.50

NESTLE PURINA BONNIE PUPPY 20KG                                                 $59.50

STOCKMAN PADDOCK GRAIN FREE BEEF 20KG                                 $84.50

STOCKMAN PADDOCK WORKING DOG BEEF 20KG                          $52.50

BLACKHAWK CHICKEN AND RICE ADULT DOG 10KG                        $89.00

BLACKHAWK LAMB AND RICE ADULT DOG 10KG                             $89.00

BLACKHAWK PUPPY MED LAMB/RICE 10KG                                      $89.00

BLACKHAWK GRAIN FREE CHICKEN 15KG                                           $154.50

BLACKHAWK GRAIN FREE CHICKEN 7KG                                             $89.00

SUPERVITE HAPPY DOG 20KG                                                                $39.50


COUNTRY KERNEL BEEF  1.2KG CANS                                                   $3.50

BLACKHAWK CHICKEN DOG CANS 400GM                                         $4.90

PEDIGREE PUPPY ORIGINAL 700G CANS                                             $4.40



Displaying 0 to 0 (of 0 products) 
Displaying 0 to 0 (of 0 products)