ID: Joyce's Gold Heritage Meat Chicken

Joyce's Gold Heritage Meat Chickens

The Joyce's Gold Heritage meat chicken is a premium quality table bird.  The bird has been developed using various Heritage breeds and now fixed, this give a consistent bird, something chefs in particular have been looking for in Heritage table birds.  The birds can be grown out to 12-18 weeks depending on the size you are looking for. We have been really encouraged by the feedback on the flavour of these birds. Customers often say they have only tasted birds like this in Europe and many Asian customers prefer the flavour of a Heritage bird over a fast grown commercial bird. These birds are  available processed in Queensland through Heritage Hatching and Hens and monthly at Peter Augustus Craft Butchery at New Farm and Meat at Billy`s Ashgrove and Rosalie, NSW through the Ethical Farmers, Burrawon Gaian and Little Hill Farm and in Victoria contact Mirboo Pastured Poultry. We have been increasing breeder numbers substantially as feedback on the quality and flavour of the birds has been very positive.  We first developed this bird for its superior real chicken flavour but it is also much better suited to free range conditions and Australia's climate than the Commercial meat bird.  We are really excited about the great feedback and the potential of these birds.