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Australorp Utility (Pure Breeds point of lays)


When we had a commercial laying farm the pure Australorps were the bird we stocked the majority of the time. My father fell in love with these when he was at Gatton College in the 1930’s and the Australorps there won the world egg laying competition. After many years searching we had given up hope of seeing the compact sized great layer that was previously available. The Australorps that dominate today are huge show birds rivaling the size of a sussex and have very average egg laying ability. We recently managed to find some of the pure laying strains and have set about breeding them with a view to see them populate Australian backyards once again.
Vaccinated Chicks $12.50
Point of Lays $49

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Barred Utility Point of Lays


Our barred layers have been bred with two goals in mind – looks and performance. Delivering an excellent supply of eggs, docile temperament and good looks. Exclusive to Heritage Poultry.

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Black Australorp Hybrid Point of Lay


The black hybrid are a Australorp cross which produces a very good layer. These birds are distinguished from the pure Australorps by their medium size, some red feathering around the neck and a red (not black) eye. Most pure Australorps these days are kept for showing and their egg laying has suffered. The hybrids however should lay around 290 eggs per year.

ISA Brown Point of Lay Pullets


The ISA Brown is the most popular of all backyard layers. They are extremely friendly and lay plenty of large brown shelled eggs. All of our browns are vaccinated and sexed (Guaranteed girls). They are available all year round as sexed day olds for $13.50 or point of lay pullets for $30.50.

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Rhode Island Red Utility point of lays

After much searching we have managed to find some pure breed RIR utilities. Nearly all the RIR’s seen today are show birds, much larger than the originals and average layers. Our RIR’s are great layers with the beautiful deep maroon colour the birds are famous for.

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White Leghorn Hybrid (Vaccinated Unsexed)


Leghorns are excellent layers of white eggs (around 280 per year) with a superior feed-to-egg conversion ratio. Leghorns rarely exhibit broodiness and are thus well suited for uninterrupted egg laying. The Leghorn is a light breed that matures quickly. Leghorns are active and efficient foragers. Available all year round as point of lays and day old chicks. All of our white leghorns are vaccinated.