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Avi Vital


For use during periods of reduced feed intake or to supplement feed lacking adequate nutrient levels. Avi Vital is a balanced nutritional supplement which provides essential nutrients for the general health of the bird during growing stages or peroid of sickness or stress.



Supports eggshell integrity in layers and normal development of bones in young birds. Calcium and Vitamen D3 liquid.

Avitrol Plus 100 tablets


A convenient and broad spectrum bird wormer which controls thread, caecal, round, gape, gizzard and important tape worms in caged birds. Avitrol tablets provide a secure method of dosing individual birds. Available in 100 tablet bottles.

Cocciprol 100g


For the prevention and treatment of Coccidiosis in chickens (broilers, broiler breeders, replacement pullets), turkeys, ducks and pigeons.

Vetsense Cocciprol is administered through the drinking water as an aid in the prevention of economically important strains of coccidiosis including E.Tenella, E.Necatrix and most strains of E.Acervulina.

Coop Clean


Keeping your enclosure clean is essential for a happy and healthy bird, but cage maintenance can be demanding and timely. COOP Clean ensures convenience at every turn with a multi-purpose formula. Offering the perfect solution to keep your aviary fresh and odour-free, COOP Clean is designed to be used for even the most stubborn stains. Covering all your cleaning needs, it can be applied to all areas of your aviary or cage to maintain a hygienic environment for your feathery companion.

COOP Clean is effective as a general sanitiser, a cage cleaner, and an odour remover. For extra convenience, it comes in a ready-to-use spray bottle. Simply remove your birds from their enclosure, along with all loose or contaminated items, and give the cage a spray and rinse to return it to a glistening state.

Keystat 1L


Keystat contains twin anticoccidials that provide a synergistic effect which is highly effective in the control of major coccidiosis-causing Eimeria species in birds. Amprolium and ethopabate each have an individual spectrum of activity, which is enhanced by the combination.

Oxymav B


The Oxymav B Antibiotic is a must have for all owners of Caged Birds. Oxymav B is the most trusted way to get onto of illness caused by bacterial infection. It is also exceptionally effective in the treatment of respiratory infections.

Piperazine Poultry Wormer


PHARMACHEM Piperazine Solution is a super concentrated formulation, making it an effective control of Roundworm in poultry, pigeons, cage birds and pigs. It is also an effective Nodule Wormer in pigs.