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Automatic Pet Waterer



  • Automatically refills with a continuous supply of fresh water
  • Utilises a float valve to shut off the flow of water once the bowl is full
  • 2 litre bowl capacity
  • Sits at ground level
  • Connects to a P.E.T. soft drink bottle for indoor use
  • Connects to a standard garden hose for outdoor use

Drinking cup

  •  Attach to any food-grade tub
  •  Will keep your chickens hydrated with fresh clean water
  • Mean no wastage of water, splashing or getting dirty
  • Are such a great solution to stop tipping of bowls!

Greenleaf 12kg Treadle Feeder


Features & Benefits

  • 12kg
  • Reduces wastage and helps with rat/wild bird problems
  • When birds step on platform, tilt door opens giving them access to feed
  • Weather-proof

Plastic Tripod Drinker with Metal Legs – 30L



  • High capacity drinker perfect for large flocks and/or use outside the coop
  • Manufactured from extra thick high quality UV stabilised plastic to avoid issues with internal rust
  • Easy to fill or carry with removable, vacuum sealed screw top lid/handle (features a stopper to shut off water supply)
  • The inwards bend of the legs allows a better handling of the drinker with peg holes to secure in uneven ground
  • Raised bowl to reduce contamination
  • Actual capacity approximately 22L when standing upright

Poultry Drinker with Tankstand – 30L

  • Large solid plastic drinker with a 30L capacity
  • Translucent plastic to quickly check fill levels
  • Fills from the top with a removable lid for easy filling and easy cleaning
  • Elevated from the ground to reduce contamination