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At Heritage Poultry Brisbane we stock everything in poultry you need at realistic prices.  We offer sound advice for anyone starting out with poultry or with any poultry questions. We have been involved with breeding and selling chickens and poultry since 1945, from commercial farming to showing pure breeds, and we are ready to help with any advice you need.

We sell utility point of lay hens and chicks, which are great backyard layers at discount prices, as well as rare and heritage breeds, heaps of chickens for sale, day old chicks and point of lays. We also stock ducks, ducklings, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl and meat chickens.

Families and customers are welcome to visit our farm at 227 Archerfield Road, Richlands, Qld 4077, during opening hours to view the wide range of poultry and equipment available.  Many just come to bring the kids or stroll around. We have a 5 acre property in  Brisbane where hens, chicks, ducks, ducklings,turkeys and geese roam around on free range. Feed the other farm animals or have a drink or snack from the canteen.

You will find coops, feeders, drinkers, feed and straw available at budget prices. 

In latest news the interest in our Table Birds and/or Joyce`s Gold Heritage Meat Chickens has been amazing.  We are dedicated to producing a traditional tasting chicken full of flavour.  We have increased breeder numbers substantially to keep up with demand and are very excited about the interest in these birds.

We are passionate about Rare and or Pure Breed Poultry and in 2010 we started a chicken hatching program with rare breeds to help children enjoy the magical experience of chicken hatching and also to help increase the numbers of Rare Breds being kept in backyards.  

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