12 Egg Manual or Auto Incubator

12 Egg Manual or Auto Incubator
ID: 9518264150

Price: $270.00



  • The Covina range of incubators are a compact bench top unit
  • Inspection windows allow you to follow all the stages of incubation
  • The eggs are housed in the swinging egg tray whose tilting is regulated by a lever outside the incubator
  • Openings to fill the water basins from the outside without opening the incubator, thus preventing the heat and humidity loss
  • Plastic floor where to lay the eggs three days before hatching (included)
  • Egg pocket to house eggs of different sizes, up to and including goose eggs
  • Each pocket can house 4 small-sized eggs (e.g. quail).
  • Easy to clean, simple and straight forward to use
  • Digital display settings allowing for a high degree of accuracy in temperature settings
  • Simple to program by pressing (+) or (–) buttons in the program mode
  • Wide range of temperatures from 30°C to 40°C in increments of 0.1°C
  • Due to the small temperature increments available, the incubators are designed to hatch a large variety of eggs – fowls, pheasants, guinea fowl, quail, partridge, turkey, geese, pigeon, peacock as well as exotic birds
  • A turbine propeller and the special design of the incubator allows a correct and uniform distribution of heat and humidity where needed.
  • The Full Automatic range of incubators includes an egg turning motor which tilts and the ergonomically designed swing tray makes the incubator automatic
  • Egg turning is gradual to increase the hatchability rate and eggs are turned every 2 hours

Covina 12 Egg Incubators – Manual/Automatic:

  • The 12 egg digital incubator designed to hatch hen-eggs as well as pheasant, guinea fowl, quail, partridge, grey partridge, rock partridge, turkey, palmipeds (goose, mallard, all breeds of duck, etc.), peacock, pigeon, exotic birds and birds of prey.
  • Capacity is up to 12 medium/large eggs or 48 small eggs (e.g. quail)
  • The 12 egg digital incubator is designed to be simple and straightforward to use, at the same time offering innovative technical solutions and high reliability
  • Available as a manual egg turning model or an automatic egg turning model
  • The automatic version includes an egg turning unit that tilts the ergonomically designed swinging egg tray making the incubator automatic
  • Ideal incubators for the first timer, schools & hobbyists who want to hatch a few chickens. A good backup for the fancier who needs to hatch those few special eggs or needs an emergency backup (clucky hen left the nest)
  • MANUAL $270, AUTO $370