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Eco Potting Mix


Air, water, food – three essential elements every plant needs to thrive. Thankfully there‘s one economical product that delivers on all three fronts – Rocky Point‘s triple action Eco Potting Mix.

Used in pots, planters or garden beds this all-purpose mix aerates, retains moisture, and delivers essential nutrients into the plants.

Eco Potting Mix contains a unique blend of composted organic materials, essential drainage components, lime, dolomite, iron, nitrogen and natural trace elements. Our product is prepared under strict quality control measures in keeping with Australian Standards and NIASA Best Practice to ensure ongoing consistency.

Eco Potting Mix meets the Australian standard and displays good water holding capacity and air-filled porosity, making it the ideal media for a vast range of plant types. It’s prepared under strict quality control measures and is regularly tested to ensure consistency

Guinea Pig Mix 15kg


Guinea Pig Mix can be fed to Guinea Pigs and Pet Rabbits. This feed is a formulated balanced feed to be fed with fresh vegetables.

Mesh Dog Beds



  • Elevated dog bed suitable for all conditions including outside use
  • Sling design provides support and comfort for all breeds and ages
  • Robust weaved fabric makes cleaning simple – wipe down or clean with a hose
  • Durable powder coated metal frame capable of surviving the elements and rubber non skid leg bases
  • High quality breathable mesh prevents flea and bacteria infestations
  • Replacement Covers available in all sizes
  • Flat pack design with easy assembly
  • Supplied in black



Dog Weight Guide (approx): Max 40kg
Dimensions: 70cm x 50cm x 18.5cm


Dog Weight Guide (approx): Max 58kg
Dimensions: 90cm x 55cm x 18.5cm


Dog Weight Guide (approx): Max 68kg
Dimensions: 110cm x 55cm x 18.5cm


Dog Weight Guide (approx): Max 50kg
Dimensions: 152cm x 94cm x 22.5cm

Non-skid Dog Bowl



  • A solid premium quality Stainless Steel bowl with a non-skid rubber bottom
  • The excellent quality rubber is bonded to the Stainless Steel and therefore will not detach itself from the bowl
  • The bowl is easy to clean with no seams
  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel which resists bacteria

Ol Jacks Rabbit and Guinea Pig Micro Pellets 10kg


Ol’ Jacks Rabbit & Guinea Pig Micro Pellets is a complete diet that requires no other supplementary feeding. This palatable and nutritious food contains added vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient for guinea pigs.

Ol Jacks Rabbit and Guinea Pig Pet Mix 10kg


Ol’ Jacks Rabbit & Guinea Pig Pet Mix is a complete food that requires no other supplementary feeding.  This nutritionally balanced and palatable food contains lucerne and cereal chaff for healthy digestive activity, and vitamin C which is an essential nutrient for guinea pigs.

Premium Potting Mix


Simply the best premium potting mix available on the market.

Premium Potting Mix is the ideal blend for both a quick start and long-term sustained feed for all plants. Boosted with quality slow and controlled release fertiliser, it feeds your plants for 12-14 months.

Premium Potting Mix is a unique blend of organic composted material, coir fibre, slow release fertilisers, zeolite, gypsum, lime, iron, natural rock trace elements and a natural wetting agent.

Ratshot Grain Bait 500g


iO Ratshot Blocks BLUE are ready to use baits deadly to mice & rats indoors and out.

For the control of Brown or Norway Rates and mice, including those resistant to other anti-coagulants.

iO Ratshot Blue employs the active ingredient of Difenacoum, delivering significant advantages to customers in a number of ways including relatively low amounts of bait needed to Kill Rats & Mice. Now the product of choice for customers who need effective control with reduced Risk. Science based formulation.