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Chick Drinker – 1 Litre

A gravity feed waterer perfect for baby chicks and small birds

Transparent with the content level visible

Graduations displayed in millilitres

Excellent quality and UV stabilised

Chick Drinker 1.3L


Excellent quality Green & White poultry drinkers

Strong and sturdy UV stabilised plastic (not flimsy)

0.6 litre and 1.3 litre recommended for chickens between day old to 6 weeks of age

Greenleaf 12kg Treadle Feeder


Features & Benefits

  • 12kg
  • Reduces wastage and helps with rat/wild bird problems
  • When birds step on platform, tilt door opens giving them access to feed
  • Weather-proof

Heat Plate


These can be used for all types of poultry chicks including quail, chickens,  turkey poults, ducklings etc. Features include:

  • Simulates the natural mother hen warmth for healthier, happier chicks (only the surface of the under side of the heating plate is warm)
  • Simple to use height adjustable legs
  • Double safety system by temperature fuse & resistance fuse
  • Factory fitted Australian plug (no adaptor needed)
  • Longer lifespan due to strong and durable ABS-plastic
  • 40cm x 60cm

Hemp Bedding


Hemp Bedding

For all the benefits of Hemp Bedding please check out

$58.00 for a 100L Bale

Leg Rings 24 Pack

  • Useful for identification purposes for poultry and other large birds
  • Snap on leg rings for easy application (applied by pressing firmly to lock)
  • Reusable
  • Available in four colours: Blue, Green, Red or Yellow
  • Pack of 24 rings

Live Mealworms


Pisces mealworms are a clean and easily handled food for many pets, and adds variety to your animals diet. Mealworms are an ideal source of protein for seed-eating birds; especially important at breeding time.